Try this 4 Bodyweight Exercises For Huge Arms

4 Bodyweight Exercises For Huge Arms

Having a muscular body is a sign of fitness and strength. Strengthen your shoulders and arms with simple, yet effective way with these intense workouts.

1. Dips- Dips are a phenomenal exercise that not only builds your triceps and forearms, but also your pecs and shoulders

2. Suspension trainer Biceps Curls- Take a suspension trainer and face the anchor point. Keep your move in a sloping position and keep your body straight and bring your upper arms to your sides. Then curl yourself toward the suspension trainer’s anchor point.

3. Chinup- The classic chinup is even better than the pullup for building your arms. While the pullup is a perfect overall back-builder, the chinup palms facing you shifts more of the work load to your biceps.

4. Pullups- To develop bigger arms, you must know what is often any weightlifter’s weakest link: grip strength. If you increase how much you can hold, you’ll increase the muscle-building stimulus on your body. Pullups are one of the best ways to develop vice-like strength in your forearms, especially if you hold a towel while doing it.

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