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Know the benefits of stair workout

5 Benefits Of Stair Workout

Stair workout has cardio and strengthening moves, it can be done in few minutes and also gives your entire body a workout. Stair workout can be done at home. Just 15 to 20 minutes of session will give your whole body a good workout.

There are different types of stair workout:-

1. Stair pushup

2. Stair crawl

3. Stair lunge

4. Step up

5. Side step

6. Crab walks

7. Stair hops

Stair workout has many benefits, here are some of those:-

1. Stair workout protects us against high blood pressure and clogged arteries.

2. Stair workout also increases our bone density and muscle tone.

3. Early mortality risk is reduced by stair workout.

4. Weight gain can be stopped by just two minutes of stair climb.

5. Stair workout is a very efficient way of burning calories.

Make sure you are steady on your feet for the workout session, as good balance is important in any session.

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