Add these Gym goals to your bucket list

GYM Goals You Should Add to Your Bucket List

Before setting any other goals to complete before you die, you need to be physically fit for achieving the goals. Set some Gym goals prior to joining the gym. If confused try the list of gym goals below-

1. Do 25 pushups daily- Doing 25 pushups is really an achievable goal. There are no gym materials required to do push-ups. Try a 30 days push up challenge.

2. Climb a Rope- Climbing a rope is a perfect challenge for the ones looking for an upper-body workout. Rope climbing requires flexibility, pulling strength and core strength.

3. Hold a Minute-Long Plank- Hold the plank for up to 15-20 seconds. Keep practicing and try to aim for 30 seconds. Planks require core strength and shoulder ability.

4. Nail a Backflip- For a backflip, you need a lot of strength and perfect co-ordination of the body. If your abdominals are strong you can make a better ball with your body.

5. Lift Your Bodyweight- Lifting up your body weight is a common goal for everyone. To achieve the goal you’ll have to strengthen your body muscles.

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