Swimming and Cycling reign supreme in the world of traditional Cardio

Swimming VS Cycling: Which Is The Best Cardio Exercise?

Cardio-Vascular exercise increases the heart rate, which help you, strengthen your heart muscles, helps to manage your weight and lowers blood pressure.

Cycling- Stephen F. Austin State University said, “You’ll preserve more muscles mass by combining weight training with cycling than you will with running”.

Cycling on a regular basis help you experience very few cardiovascular events. Hence, it shows that cycling is proved to beneficial for Cardiovascular health.

Swimming comes under aerobic exercises. Swimming strengthens the heart by helping it to become larger, and makes it more efficient in pumping.

Around 30 to 40% cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by 30 minutes swimming daily in women.

Swimming is ideal in everything from weight loss to cardiac rehabilitation to exercising with arthritis.

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