Try these tips to deal with your mood swings

Tips to deal with mood swings

Having mood swings? Read these tips

1. Track Your Mood- Trying to find what set off your mood swings can help you catch them before they harm your mind.

2. Sleep- “The more tired we are, the more difficulty we have managing challenging emotions and keeping things in perspective. When we feel tired, our thoughts can become distorted and negative, which directly impacts our mood.” says Ficken. Try to get good sleep each night.

3. Avoid Stimulants- “To help with mood swings, you want to focus on things that will nourish, balance, and calm a person versus exacerbate the issue,” says psychotherapist Kristina. You should try to avoid stimulants like caffeine, sugar and alcohol, as they can not only worsen feelings of anxiety and cause mood swings.

4. Eat Frequently- “Too many of us skip over meals because we’re busy with work and other demands,” says psychologist Erika Martinez. It also about your poor food choices in a time period. When you go too long without eating, your blood sugar levels drop, and symptoms of low blood sugar can cause symptoms of panic, according to Psych Central. This can lead your emotions to become unbalanced, and you might experience redundant changes in mood.

5. Drink Water- Drink more water to control your mood swings.

6. Practice Mindfulness- “A healthy emotional response is commensurate with the situation faced,” says Martinez. Meditation and other mindfulness techniques can also increase your awareness in such moments.

7. Exercise- “This is always on any list because it helps promote chemicals in your brain that help you relax and feel good and releases endorphins that will keep making you feel good throughout the day,” stated Orlova.

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