Review of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: A captivating tale of revenge reviews the Star Plus show, Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna.

Review of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: A captivating tale of revenge

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna created ripples from the time its first promo was put on air.

The intriguing sight of Janhvi Mittal, who happens to be the ‘perfect bahu’, yet is a double-crosser wishing bad for the family, created huge curiosity amongst the TV-viewing audience.

Ishqbaaz star Shrenu Parikh, who is otherwise known for her positive portrayals, playing the anti-hero for the first time in her career was a sure shot reason for the viewers to sample this show. And last but not the least, the stunning portrayal of Shrenu in the role of a lady who changes colours like a chameleon urged viewers to catch on the show, produced by Dipti Kalwani’s banner, Sunny Side Up.

The captivating marketing strategy of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna also left us stunned. Three cheers for the channel and the concerned think-tank behind this.

Like everyone, we too were drawn to watch the episodes of this new Star Plus show.

The concept of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna has been layered on the theme of revenge. Janhvi Mittal and her sister Ishani Mittal (Tina Philip) have had a dreadful childhood, having seen their father being tortured and killed, and their house being burnt to ashes. The patriarch of the Mittal family, Prem Kishan (Ayub Khan) has been responsible for this disaster in the girls’ lives, is what has been revealed as of now in the narrative.

The girls have grown up with revenge in their mind. Accordingly, Janhvi enters the Mittal family as the eldest daughter-in-law of the house, after marriage to Dhruv (Ishaan Singh Manhas).

The scheming act has been going on for some time, as Janhvi has successfully drugged her mother-in-law to insanity without anyone’s knowledge. She is in the mood for spelling disaster for her family, as she creates an ‘apshagun’ while completing her puja. She adds a fish from the house aquarium in the food made for the Brahmins who have come to conduct the Puja. She also sends out a threatening gift to her father-in-law, indicating that his days are numbered.

Her biggest game plan has been to plan the engagement of her brother-in-law, Kabir (Zain Imam), with her sister, Ishani, without the knowledge of Kabir in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna.

At this juncture arrives Kabir, and to everyone’s surprise, he comes with his wife Kavya (Tanvi Dogra) and son Aarush. This act of Kabir further widens the gap between the father and son, who have always been at loggerheads.

Kabir comes home with a hidden secret, that of Kavya being the wife of Vyom Malhotra (Anuj Sachdeva), his close friend and colleague at the army base. Vyom’s death has led Kabir to accept Kavya and Aarush as his responsibility. He has duly married Kavya before bringing her home. Kabir wants to reveal this truth to his family in the right way, but with Janhvi around, there is nothing that can happen right for all in the Mittal family.

Disaster strikes when Prem Kishan (PK) gets to know of this dark secret from an outsider (again a plan of Janhvi). PK creates a ruckus in the house, literally beating up his grown-up son Kabir with a wooden stick for marrying a widow. The issue of widow re-marriage is touched upon as a subject of concern and awareness very nicely in the thriller drama.

The story now stands at PK and Kabir clashing every now and then as their ideologies never meet. And Janhvi is always there to add salt to the wounds of the family.

Must say, it is an interesting concept with a playout of varied human emotions! Even while the basic plot seems to be a thriller drama, the accompanying love story and family drama lend it a good balance.

The story for the first 9 episodes has maintained a good pace, and quite a lot has happened in quick time.

However, we wonder whether the plot has lost its unpredicatability factor with the intentions of Janhvi Mittal being exposed so soon. It looked stunning to see Shrenu change colours every second from being the ‘dutiful bahu’ to the ‘scheming lady’ for the initial episodes. But now, her behaviour and her tactics are very predictable, with the plot having opened up the layers of her seeking revenge.

We only hope that this predictability in Janhvi’s moves does not distract the audience too much.

Also, we wonder how the ever-smart businessman in PK has never gauged the real intentions of his daughter-in-law till now. We also fail to digest the fact that Janhvi could spy on Kabir’s actions and acts even while he was at his army base. The fact that she knew that Vyom is Kavya’s husband, even before Kabir could come home left us puzzled in the mind. We hope the makers come up with answers for this in the coming time.

The story of Kabir and Kavya has been coming up really nicely. Kabir has been a pillar of support for Kavya and their friendship will certainly blossom into love in the near future. And we look forward to this twist in the tale.

The cast of the show is simply superb. Shrenu Parikh, who is seen in a negative avatar for the first time, is doing a marvellous job. Her eye expressions, her stunning behavioural changes, are quite captivating to the eye. However, as said earlier, we only hope that the viewers have their interest intact, after knowing about Janhvi’s intentions.

Zain Imam looks stunning, and is a treat to watch in the role he is playing. He has been impressive in the tashan sequences with his father PK. His scenes with Kavya are coming out nicely.

Tanvi Dogra in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna as the silent wife has been appealing. She has not had much part to play in the conversations till now, but has made her mark in the role.

Ayub Khan as the dominating PK has been the most aggressive character in the show so far. Ayub, though going overboard in his scenes, is doing what he has been asked to deliver.

Actors Parikshit Sahni, Purva Parag, Ishaan Singh Manhas, Anshul Pandey and Tina Philip are doing what is required of them.

Producer Dipti Kalwani had earlier produced a different kind of show in Badho Bahu. Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna is basically a thriller woven around family drama. The family drama has good interesting sub-plots and has been interestingly linked with the thriller concept.

The show has high potential, but all depends on how the makers keep the intriguing layers in the show intact. credits 3 out of 5 stars for Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, the new Star plus show

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