Producer Dipti Kalwani talks about the help that her team is rendering to provide the basic necessities for the migrant labour.

Sarvagunn Sampanna Producer Dipti Kalwani extends SUPPORT to help the needy in Goa with essentials

The pandemic COVID 19 has affected the routine lifestyle of one and all, and the worst affected are the homeless families and migrant labour in and around Goa. The condition out there is very appalling with reports coming in that such people not getting the basic essentials to lead their lives at this hour of crisis.

We have a few celebrities from the telly industry extending their hands to help such people and give provide them with the basic needs.

Actors Zain Imam and Shrenu Parikh recently put out the helpline numbers where the volunteers stationed in Goa can help the needy by providing them with what they want.

Sarvagunn  Sampanna Producer Dipti Kalwani has now initiated work on the same and has put up few volunteers at the place so that such people are helped.

We at talked to Dipti Kalwani who told us, “We have been volunteering for a helpline for 12 hours a day…and can testify first- hand to the panic, desperation, hunger, fear and confusion that families and individuals all over Goa are confronting… without clear, specific and effective guidelines from the Government. The Panchayat numbers don’t respond, the grocery and vegetable delivery numbers are probably swamped and do no respond either.”

“The current situation is that unregistered migrant labour – sometimes in labour camps with entire families – are the invisible people. Their plight worsens by the day and one-time help with food supplies won’t address the problem in any way. In fact, in the coming days, the crisis looks set to worsen considerably,” she adds.

Sarvagunn Sampanna Producer Dipti Kalwani extends SUPPORT to help the needy in Goa with essentials

“These people and those not in the immediate municipal areas are still struggling every day for food and essentials. Shops are open but stocks are scarce and in many places, the police are using force to prevent people from moving about.”

“As the lockdown continues…those with no food and no income will fall into a debilitating cycle of hunger, disease and despair. Please reach out and lend a helping hand to the volunteers who are fighting every day to reach, feed and help as many people as they can. Resources are still scarce and any help will feed another camp of people or another family or even another person. Please reach into your hearts and help out the invisible people in Goa who need your empathy and kindness.”


This is a noble deed indeed and we will be more than happy to spread this word right here.

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