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Angoori, Tiwari, Anita, Vibhuti turn ‘Krantikaaris’ in &TV’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai: Angoori, Tiwari, Anita, Vibhuti turn ‘Krantikaaris’

Independence Day is celebrated in high spirits and great enthusiasm across the nation commemorating the nation’s independence from British rule. Reveling this spirit in their own khaas andaaz, one of nation’s favourite show &TV’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai will have a special Independence Day episode, bringing alive the freedom struggle and spirit of patriotism. Rewinding back to the era of the 1920s, the episode will be shot in the black and white cinematic frame capturing the quaint look at life under the British raaj in India. The story will begin with Saxena’s 135 years old great-grandpa Atbhut Saxena, a freedom fighter in the 1920s making a surprise visit to him, thereafter unfolding a series of stories during the Krantikaari Movement involving Angoori, Tiwari, Anita, Vibhuti, Saxena Atbhut Saxena, TMT, Prem, and Doctor.

In that era, Vibhuti will be Victor Das teaching English to Kasturi (Angoori); while Tiwari will be Hindi Master teaching Anaita (Anita), who was from England but had Love for India. Anaita will have a brother named Rick Donald Singh, an English officer trying to smuggle a diamond belonging to India to England. In their quest to stop Rick Donald Singh and his ally Prem from smuggling the diamond, everyone will come together eventually in this Krantikaari movement. Just like the present time, the bhaiyas will swoon over each other’s wives even in that era.

Talking about the special Independence episode, Aasif Sheikh said, “15th August is a day of historical importance and what better way to showcase the significance of this day than with a little glimpse of the freedom struggle. Shooting these episodes was a completely different experience for all of us where it wasn’t just one-character building to the story but each of them coming together. My character is a subdued version of the Hindi cinema actor K.N. Singh and the viewers will find a lot of references to his look and way of speaking. We also worked on our diction a bit to sync it with the gone era. Portraying a Krantikaari in way reignited the spirit of patriotism in all of us. Do watch out for this special episode!” 

Adding further, Saumya Tandon said, “This was by far one of the most interesting and fun episodes that we shot for. Given I had to portray a foreigner I had to speak in a British accent which I thoroughly enjoyed. We would often erupt in spurts of laughter when an accent felt out or a little too odd. My look in show is absolutely a refreshing change with long puffed gowns, hats, gloves, and an English style hairdo. I hope that the audience will enjoy the episode as much as we loved shooting it.” 

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