Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 06th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1913: Anu and Angoori are practising dandiya and Saxena shows them a step. Anu tries the step and twists her hand. Tiwari cancels the sponsorship for dandiya raas program as he lost his big order.

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 06th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1913: Anu twists her hand while practising dandiya

In today’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai episode Prem tells Vibhu to lick his feet if he wants sponsorship for his dandiya raas program. Vibhu tells him that he won’t do it. Prem says that if he won’t do it then he will not give a sponsor. Vibhu is in dilemma because Tiwari has already denied to give sponsorship, so he has no other option than licking Prem’s feet. Then Tiwari comes there and tells Vibhu that he is ready to sponsor for the dandiya raas program. Vibhu gets angry at him and tells him why he comes 10 seconds late everywhere. Then Vibhu beats Prem. Tilu and Teeka are sitting sad at the tea stall as they did lighting and then again removed it and Vibhu did not give them money. Vibhu comes there and gives them the good news to do the lighting again as they got the sponsorship. Tilu and Teeka get excited and start to put up the lighting again.

Then in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, Angoori and Anu are learning dandiya steps from a choreographer and Saxena is doing live recording. Vibhu, Tiwari and David are sitting and observing them. Vibhu and Tiwari tell the choreographer to teach a new step as he is just teaching one step. David says that in London also they have a dandiya raas program but there it is played differently. Everyone asks him how garba is played there. He says that the garba steps are the same but instead of gujrati, western English songs are played and people play garba on those songs. Then Saxena shows one step for Anu and Angoori. Anu tries to do the step and twists her hand. She tells Vibhu to call Minal and to contact her family doctor. But Minal informs them that the doctor has gone to London. Then the choreographer tells Anu that her hand has twisted badly and for one month she can’t play dandiya now.

Lastly in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai Tiwari receives a call and he is informed that the order has been cancelled. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he can’t sponsor the event as his order has been cancelled. Vibhu runs outside. Tillu and Teeka manage to put up lighting again and Vibhu comes there. They both tell Vibhu to give them extra money for the work. Vibhu tells them to remove the lighting again as sponsorship is cancelled. Then David tries to fix Anu’s hand and he massages her hand and she feels better and her hand becomes normal. Tiwari receives a call that his order is on and he tells that he will sponsor the event. Vibhu goes out and tells them to do the lighting again. Then they all perform the puja and Saxena does live recording. Then they all go to get ready for dandiya raas. Vibhu comes to call Angoori and gets amazed by her looks and Tiwari comes to call Anu and is mesmerised by her beauty.

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