In today’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai episode, the lawyer tells Vibhu that his food might have instigated him to murder Tiwari. Vibhu shouts at the lawyer and asks how his food relates to the incident. The lawyer explains that he must have eaten something gaseous on that day and the gas would have entered his head and in frustration, he would have killed Tiwari. The lawyer says that he will prove this in court and then this case will be shifted to the hospital and then Vibhu will be out of jail. The lawyer tells Vibhu to do a test. Anu agrees that they will do everything to get Vibhu out. Then Angoori is all dressed up and Tiwari comes there and asks Angoori where her Sajan is. Angoori tells him that he is only his Sajan and they do romance and sleep together. The next morning the lawyer visits the police station and asks Vibhu about the test.

Then in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, Vibhu tells that he was unable to do the test. David comes there and asks Vibhu what happened. Vibhu says that he was unsuccessful to do the medical test. David says that their ancestors also had this medical problem. Anu comes there and Vibhu tells her that he is scared as he doesn’t want to die. Anu asks what happened. Vibhu says that he was not able to do the test and now the lawyer wants to do more tests. Then Angoori and Ammaji come into the room and see that Tiwari is sleeping without snoring. Angoori feels shy and tells Ammaji that they both did romance the whole night. Tiwari gets up and says that it feels so great to romance with stranger women. Angoori starts crying as Tiwari cannot remember anything. Ammaji tells Tiwari that he did not romance any other woman but his wife. Tiwari can’t remember anything.

Lastly in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, Anu approaches Angoori and Ammaji and asks if Tiwari had gained his memory. Angoori says no. Anu says that she will do aerobics and send Tiwari to watch her doing it. Maybe he will gain his memory back. Angoori agrees to do so. Anu gets ready and she starts doing aerobics. Tiwari comes and watches her doing that. He also starts dancing along with her and calls her Chamiya. Anu gets angry and starts beating him. Angoori comes and takes Tiwari from there. At home, Tiwari watches an item song and enjoys it. Ammaji comes there and takes the remote from Tiwari and plays the news. Tiwari watches Raka being mentioned on the news and he goes into flashback and he remembers everything. He then tells Ammaji and Angoori everything about his plan with Vibhu. Then Vibhu is out of jail and they all four enjoy together as Vibhu is out of jail and Tiwari regained his memory.

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