In the beginning, When Meet is studying, she notices a shadow passing by and decide to follow it. Meet believes that he is a thief. Someone outside the door receives a light signal from a man. Meet rushes up to the man, pushing him down and removing his blanket.

Manushi, in her room, says, “I’ve never done as much work as I did today; I need to rest or else I’ll be fatigued tomorrow.” She lies down in bed, but it breaks and Kunal calls. If the keys aren’t here, where are they, and how will I steal all the jewellery then? Remember what Kunal said Manushi about how it’s winter, and if you don’t take appropriate care of your bruise, it’ll hurt all winter, so take this painkiller and sleep. says it took a lot of work to give her medicine, let’s double-check, and go to Manushi and locate keys under her pillow, open luggage, and take jewellery box, saying thank God I got this because she had been bothering me a lot.

Meet responds, “OK, come sit for a minute,” and says, “You were saying yesterday that every female is not the same, and you are accurate; I overthink too much, but occasionally people make unintentional mistakes.” Meet asks why are my eyes swollen? She looks in the bike mirror and says I slept a lot because of the mattress, which is why they are swollen, and that I can’t tell her I was in the studio all night because he will be worried. gets up and inquires, “If you slept well, why are you so slow?” Allow me to handle this; you go ahead and get ready; I’ll send breakfast, clean it, and leave for work. Dadi becomes emotional and says, “You are very good, I feel happy after seeing you,” and then goes on to say, “You both talk to each other, I’ll go and present food to God,” and then walks away, telling Anubha to take good care of her. Meet expresses himself truthfully. I’m concerned about Manushi as well; I have no idea who Parth is or what he does, or how he came into her life so abruptly. We should file for a marriage certificate for Manushi since it is a safety issue; you phone the registrar’s office, and I’ll speak with Ramesh uncle and obtain the certificate.