In today’s episode we can see that, Meet asks if it’s important to go, everyone says yes, Raj asks where would he like to go, Meet says you all decide, Masum says what will she know, I mean she might not know, Raj says you suggest a destination, Masum says Goa, Ragini says Manali is beautiful, Esha says the old Goa is the best, Sunaina says everyone should go to Kerala, Hoshiyar says go to Nepal, Raj says but a passport is required, Raj says but Babita says no more proposals because my Rajasthani friend has invited Meet and Meet Ahlawat to stay. Babita asks how the concept is going, and Meet Ahlawat responds it’s the greatest. Kunal stops a driver and asks, “What are you doing here?” The driver responds, “You rented my house for two days and haven’t vacated yet. Get out.” Kunal responds, “Do what I say, and by tomorrow I will go.”

Meet is studying, claiming that she has 17 chapters to study and that she doesn’t have time to study because Meet Ahlawat wants to roam now. I can’t fail, so she begins studying, and she receives a message from Meet Ahlawat inviting her to the garden. Meet approaches him on the lawn and inquires as to what is wrong; nonetheless, why did you schedule your trip now, when I might take you to Shahbad? Meet Ahlawat says, “Calm down, you may study in the Jaipur palace now that it is serene,” and walks over to a rope on which a lamp is suspended, then returns and pulls Meet near him, leaving Meet perplexed and the lamp swaying. Meet pulls Meet Ahlawat away from the lamppost so he doesn’t get harmed, but he doesn’t move; Meet says it will topple over if he doesn’t move; Meet grabs his hand and stands there with his eyes closed; the lamppost falls; Meet stands with Meet Ahlawat and doesn’t move. I thought you had someone else in your life and weren’t happy with us, and I thought about Manushi, and I thought, for a while, let’s go away and make memories with you, our memories, and I’ll try to understand about you, what you like, what makes you happy, and when I come back here, I won’t miss Manushi, so I want to go out.