In today’s episode, we can see that Meet Ahlawat is in the parking lot when he notices his servant cleaning his car and recalls what Meet told him about her father’s bike and how she loves to clean it. He walks up to the servant and says, “Give it to me, I’ll do it,” and the servant walks away, leaving him to clean his car. Manushi says you can’t ignore this because we have an in-law relationship and we’re both important to my sister. We’re trying to move on with our lives, and I’m sorry for what I did in Rajasthan because I thought you still loved me, but now I’m clear on our relationship and there’s nothing between us, so we’ll be in-laws from now on. I’ll leave and you may do your work, and Meet will be pleased to witness our link.

Babita, terrified, asks the servant, “What are you doing here?” and tells him to go look. Meet claims that it is simple to say but difficult to do, that she is torn between forced marriage and ancient love, and that I agree with Sunaina on this subject. Babita replies there’s no need for that; it was Sunaina’s choice to live as a servant; look, I’m sorry what Sunaina said to you; my Tej is back with me, and you’re very important to me, and Sunaina will take care of the cleaning. Manushi claims that they have money but no brains, particularly Babita, and that I will not take the time to handle her. According to the manager, Meet receives a shipment for the sector. I assumed you’d do your job as a way to pass the time after the marriage, but you’re still doing it because you’re the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. Tell me your in-laws are wealthy and you don’t need to work.