In today’s episode we can see that Meet Ahlawat says yeah, they’ll help us, so follow me.

Masum begs Sunaina for extra butter the next morning, saying, “This condition has a lot of cravings, and I hope I’m not bothering you.” Sunaina answers, “Not at all,” and says, “Let me know what you need.” Sunaina in tears, Masum says look, he accepted you, he even made a family tree look and wrote your and Tej bhai’s names in place of mother and father, Raj says nice, Sunaina says he went to Ram Lakhan school as guardian, Masum signs Duggu, Duggu walks up to Sunaina and apologises for misbehaving, Mom, Everyone surprised, Sunaina in tears, Masum says look, he

Masum claims Duggu won’t be ready, you remarked, but see, he consented. Meet says Duggu, we are glad, if you want to share anything, Masum says why does it appear that you are unhappy with this adoption, Meet replies I have no problem, Masum adds but we will organise adoption in two days, Meet receives a call and departs.

Ragini says she will go talk to Meet because she seems so frightened when Ram asks whether she spoke to her.

Meet says, “Thank you for assisting us, we’ll come to take you up in an hour.” Mohan phones Meet and thanks to him for relieving him of his guilt. Ragini approaches Meet and Meet Ahlawat and inquires about the truth; Meet replies, “I’ll inform everyone inside.” Meet & Greet Meet approaches Ahlawat and says, “I want to tell everyone the truth; you will be astonished and may not like it, but I need your support.”