In today’s episode we can see that Officer: “Meet at the physical ground,” he says. I’m aware that I’m injured, but I’ll be able to appear in my mental state; I’m OK in that regard. Please allow me to take the test; I’ll show you that I’m capable. Two officers discussing Meets’ injury ask, “How did you let her get away with it?” He responds, “Sir told me to teach her a lesson.”

Today’s first test, according to the invigilator, is a high jump, which requires a height of 3 feet. It’s not a blood donation camp, she continues, so get ready for the second competition. Babita, in her room, tells Raj that this girl is insane; she went to provide a test on that injury, and the doctor told her that if the injury worsened, her leg would have to be amputated. If you harm your leg too much and fail to get picked on this test, you won’t be allowed to give any future police officer tests. Meet Ahlawat walks up to Meet and says, “Your leg is bleeding. You won’t be able to give any future police officer tests.” Meet Ahlawat congratulates you on a job well done. She says she received a message from Meet, which she reads and says Meet lost the race because she was unable to pass. Yes, it’s extremely hot, and Isha says, “Meet, you know a shortcut to Gol Chawk, so will you take me there?” Meet Ahlawat says that now you can all rejoice since Meet has been chosen.