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Check out the video of Jungkook performing the Savage love song in remixed version

BTS Jungkook’s Savage Love remix is so sexy; see video

Jeon Jungkook is a sensation in the true sense of the term and whatever he does becomes a rage with his legion of fans all over the world. Whatever the BTS boyband group is today is majorly because of Jungkook and he certainly realizes the responsibility he carries on his shoulders as the go-to man of BTS.

Apart from acing the game of music, Jungkook pretty much aces the game of fashion and style as well and his latest ‘man bun’ look spread like wildfire all over the internet where he was seen performing and lip syncing in an adorable fashion to the BTS special ‘Savage Love’ track. Jungkook was seen killing it big time in his all black avatar in the video and the monochrome layer in the background made it all the way more visually appealing to the fans. So to all you fans out there who have see the video, how did you all find it? And to all those who missed watching it, you can check the video below here –


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Savage Love 🎶 #SavageLoveRemix

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