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From the boy band, BTS, who according to you, is better? Jungkook or V

Jungkook’s Sweet Voice VS V’s Deep, Husky And Sexy Voice: Whose Voice Truly Mesmerizes You More?

After global popularity, the boy band BTS has become one of the most popular and successful K-pop industry bands. They are known for their inspiring music, especially their songs and emotions that people can relate with. And that is the reason why people all over the globe have been obsessed with the BTS in the past few years.

Jungkook is the one member in the band who has a huge fan base and is insanely popular. He is appreciated for his soft voice and also has impressive singing skills. He was very popular; after being eliminated from the singing contest, seven different entertainment companies approached him. The boy can not just sing but also is a great dancer. He has sung some great cover songs and is filled with talents to the brim.

V was recently crowned to be the most popular K-pop artist in many countries across the globe. He has caught numerous fans’ attention and his husky voice always manages to stand out, making him a fan favorite. He has also made an impressive impression with his dance moves, and his popularity is recognized far and wide. When watching live, one will always manage to catch V’s sight for his dance moves and style.

Jungkook for his sweet melodic voice or V for his beautiful husky voice, who is your favorite? Vote Now.

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