Yesha Rughani talks about her fashion and style.

Find out what fashion style makes Yesha Rughani feel sexy

Young and beautiful Yesha Rughani who played the titular role of Musakaan in the Star Bharat show Musakaan, makes sure her fashion game on point.

She deserves to be called the fashionista of youngsters. The actress is once again stealing our hearts with her style and amazing looks.

The actress got in a candid chat with for our fun fashion segment and spoke about her fashion and style.

What is #ishtyle for you in one word?


Favourite item in your wardrobe…

Anything from mom’s wardrobe! I am a #VintageBaby

What style makes you feel sexy?

Bhartiya nari, in sundar Saree

Your fashion inspiration

Frida Kahlo

What would be your ‘Dressed to Kill’ for a perfect date?

Whatever I am wearing plus high bun and blush blush blush on with a wide smile

Heels or flats

Kolhapuri to the rescue! Always!

Jackets or hats

Hats! That way I can imagine I am on a beach, unless I am actually on a beach, in both the cases, HATS ON!

Sweatshirts or shirts

Sweatshirts any day, everyday!

Indian or western

Indie-Trendy forever!

Jeans or pyjama

Pyjama is a loyal bff

Fav Beachwear Fashion?

Apart for hats, I am shady so sunglasses

Fashion advise to fans

BeYOU and you will be BEyouTIFUL.

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