Know how to groom and maintain a beard like Kartik Aaryan

Want a hot and sexy beard like Kartik Aaryan? Know the grooming secrets

Kartik Aaryan’s success story is inspirational at a different level altogether. He’s one of the very few modern-day stars who has managed to make it big and dictate his own terms without having any ‘filmy’ background. He’s talented, hot, cute, attractive and has got all the talents a modern-day superstar needs to have in his bank.

Talking about prized possessions, one important prized possession or rather feature of Kartik is his super stylish and well-groomed beard and stubble that gives him the perfect ‘metrosexual’ look. A lot of you men are admirers of Kartik’s beard and stubble. But ever wondered what he does to maintain it? Well today, we spill the beans.

As per reports in mensxp, Kartik Aaryan likes to leave his beard the way it is and he only uses a trimmer once in a week. Also, Kartik Aaryan doesn’t use any beard oil or beard product.

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