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Pooja Hegde has inspired everyone with her Dusky skin.

How Do You Amp Up Your Dusky Skin Makeup? Learn From Pooja Hedge

Pooja Hegde is a fantastic actress who works in the South Indian film industry. The actress has dusky skin, and she feels proud of herself and prefers to have it, and she has motivated millions of people for her skin. Pooja Hegde has said in many interviews that she is what she is and has also talked about racism. The actress shared her experience in which she said that when she met some people abroad, they were saying that wow your skin is so golden.

Pooja also says that if you travel around the world, you accept and feel confident about your skin as in how you look. She says that if you are comfortable in your own skin, then people see you in a different way. If you feel better then just go ahead and do it. It’s all about an individual’s choice. Pooja Hegde is comfortable with her dusky skin tone and has inspired and motivated several fans to be what they are, and she also thinks that inner beauty is important. She personally loves dusky, bronze skin as she feels it looks great on cameras. She also says that it is a personal choice for every individual. The actress has also seen a change in society about racism as earlier the only fair person was given importance. Pooja is glad about the awareness and change in the minds of people.

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