Read and get information to buy verified care spare parts in India

How to Buy Verified Car Spare Parts Online in India?

Cars are one of the luxurious commodities owned by many people. Most of them are quite keen on their proper maintenance. Due to the complex mechanism, a car runs on many vital parts where each of them is connected to the other. Often the overall performance of the car can deteriorate due to a malfunction or gradual exhaustion of a specific part with due course of time.

In such situations, you can consider purchasing and integrating the spare parts that improve the car’s performance. It is vital to buy the verified spare parts of the car to ensure the desired performance, prolonged service, and warranty. To check more information related to verified car spare parts, click on

Steps to buy verified car spare parts online

Due to the presence of a large online market, purchasing car spare parts has become quite easy now. However, you must follow some steps when buying the necessary spare parts as it leads you to get the best one available in the market. Consider sparing some time and go through the following steps as we discuss everything systematically.

 Spot the malfunctioning part

When you observe a gradual degradation of your automobile’s performance or a sudden breakdown, try to seek the real reason for it. You can always consult a good mechanic. Spotting the malfunctioning part rightly leads to timely repairing within the favorable budget.

Once you get an idea about the specific part that is hampering the performance of the car, start looking for the right dealer to purchase from. Take your time to thoroughly search for the local dealers who provide verified spare parts for your car.

In terms of installing the spare part in your car, we always recommend you, visit an expert and avoid installing it on your own. As verified spare parts are very expensive, consider it as a long-term investment. 

Choose the right dealer

Choosing the right dealer to buy verified car spare parts can be a tricky job as they are present in abundance. You should choose a dealer who has an informative website and you can check a specific brand, features, and images of every car spare part they deal with.

Generally, websites of the top dealers contain all the needful information regarding a spare part and an authentication proof.

How to Buy Verified Car Spare Parts Online in India? 1

Check the prices

As several online dealers of verified car spare parts are present, you can look for competitive prices. Many dealers provide discounts on verified car spare parts to ensure a boost in their sales. However, you must always make sure to buy new spare parts in untempered packages.

Sealed packages ensure the authenticity of the product and you can expect to get the high-end performance of your car installing it the correct way. Moreover, an online purchase is recommended because, in traditional markets, you might get a particular product at a much higher cost due to the presence of several middlemen.

Look for warranty and special offers

Generally, verified car spare parts come with a warranty period. Apart from it, a majority of auto part dealers offer special discounts and conveniences for their customers. You must go through the boodmo website and check the special offers on certain spare parts.

Certain automakers also give special stock-based offers on their verified spare parts. We would recommend you to grab such an offer as it helps you to lessen the expenses.

Go for the purchase

While you have completed the above steps, probably you have chosen the right online dealer to purchase the car spare parts. In such a situation, you must enter all the information regarding the spare part you need along with all your personal details.

Make sure to check that no extra charges are included lest the actual price of the commodity and the additional charges imposed righty by the dealer. Try checking all your entries twice or thrice before submitting the final deal.

Process of shipping and return

All details about the shipping process and return are mostly mentioned on the dealer’s website. You are recommended to go through it. In case you need to return a particular product, go through the return policy details on

Most online dealers follow the clauses mentioned in the return policy very keenly. So, if you find a particular car spare part not satisfying your needs, try returning it within the returned period. Moreover. Most dealers would only accept the return on providing the Proof of Delivery. So, you need to keep it properly.


Following the above steps can help you buy the right spare parts for your automotive. Another important aspect that we would recommend you to consider is the medium of payment. While most dealers accept card payments, all you need to do it is to make online transactions in a secure manner.

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