Kumkum Bhagya actress Leena Jumani talks about her fashion and style.

Saree makes me feel sexy: Kumkum Bhagya actress Leena Jumani

Leena Jumani, who entertained audiences in web series, Maaya 2 and TV shows Bandini, Ganga Kii Dheej, Chhoti Si Zindagi and Kumkum Bhagya, is a style diva.

Her fashion choices are always on point. She makes millions of hearts skip a beat with her impeccable charm and stylish looks.

The actress got in a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com for our fun fashion segment and spoke about her fashion and style.

What is #Ishtyle for you in one word?

To feel amazing in whatever I wear.

Favourite item in your wardrobe…

Night suits.

What style makes you feel sexy?


Your fashion inspiration

I google and find the style which I like.

What would be your ‘Dressed to Kill’ for a perfect date?

My idea is different, I would say go in your worst look because if he is just after your looks, he won’t call you again.

Heels or flats


Jackets or hats


Sweatshirts or shirts


Indian or western


Jeans or pyjama


Fav Beachwear Fashion?

Bikini with cover-up.

Fashion advise to fans

Be you, wear what you like, don’t think about anyone else. Just be confident, because talkers going to talk, but don’t give a damn. I live like this.

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