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Take a peek at some of the greatest striking selfies of Darshan Raval that will make you skip a beat

These 5 Darshan Raval’s Selfies Can Make Your Heart Skip A Beat; See Sexy Pictures

Darshan Raval, with his amusing voice, has made all his fans go crazy. In recent times his popularity is overgrowing, and he is already set to become the next-gen star of the Bollywood music industry. His heavenly voice and mesmerizing personality is something all his fans will never have enough from.

The multi-talented singer is also a fantastic dancer, and good at composing and writing lyrics. The Gujarati boy who came to Mumbai searching for a proper network to set his foot in the music industry got his fame and name through YouTube. His song Tera Zikr hit more than ten million views in a couple of days, and he got the limelight. To his stars, he also succeeded in singing a track for his idol Salman Khan in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

With such great talent, Darshan Raval also possesses a great personality and hot iteration looks. He is the hottie in the industry, with millions of fans calling themselves Darshaners. Here are his top five selfies that make him look dreamy.

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