Home Decor

My dream house should look like Amitabh Bachchan’s house Jalsa: Nikhlesh Rathore
My dream house has to be a cozy space, with loads of paintings and photographs on the walls: Tanish Neeraj
I prefer to create a home that reflects my style and preferences: Ritu Chauhan
My dream house will be a huge villa: Suhani Chaudhary
The window view in my house should be very close to Nature: Anshu Varshney
The favourite corner in my house is my balcony: Farman Haider
I would love to have windows that show greenery or the ocean: Sheeba Akashdeep
My dream house must be like Mannat: Chand Jalne Laga actress Satyamvada Singh
My window should have sea view which brings in the positive energy: Anju Rajiv
My favourite corner in my house is where my Gohonzon is kept: Raymon Singh
I would like to steal away Mannat from Mr. SRK: Sahil Singh Sambyal
I love it when the window has an unobstructed view of mountains and city: Preeti Puri Choudhary
Courtyard is the favourite corner in my house: Sonia Singh
Living room and balcony are the favourite corners in my house: Barsatein – Mausam Pyaar Ka actor Tushar Kawale
My dream house should look like Shah Rukh Khan’s home Mannat: Kuldeep Singh
Samridhii Shukla reveals about her dream house
My house is my space of joy: Manish Rainsinghan
I believe in being minimalist when it comes to home décor: Kasturi Banerjjee
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