Take these grooming secrets from Summeh Mudgalkar if you want to have a sexy beard like him!

Want A Hot And Sexy Beard Like Sumedh Mudgalkar? Know The Grooming Secrets

The craze of beard and so-called stubble have come nowadays but when we were back in the old days of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, we didn’t see any lead actor having the stubble look, right? But when you can grow your beard and have a completely different look then why not give it a try? So, this thing inspired our favorite boy, Sumedh Mudgalkar and today, we are sharing some of his grooming secrets.

We have stuck our eyes on the Television for the past 2 years especially when it comes to Star Bharat, right? The credit goes to the pure and most loved show, RadhaKrishn which shows the epic love story of Lord Krishna played by Sumedh Mudgalkar, and Radha played by Mallika Singh. The duo makes the best couple on-screen, don’t they? But credits to Sumedh Mudgalkar for portraying the same character for 2 years.

Well, the look from the past 2 years kept Sumedh Mudgalkar with clean looks. Yes, since we all know Krishna’s character can’t keep a beard on-screen so Sumedh Mudgalkar used to clean shave every day when he gets up in the morning. But recently, some of his Instagram posts saw him in stubble. We need to say he looks hot and his beard is sexy. The way he carries his style in front of the camera is outstanding.

If you want to keep stubble, there are some basic rules. You have to keep trimming it every 7 days and keep it in proper shape. Also, use the popular beard brands like Beardo which will assure you good quality products for the proper beard. You need to comb your beard if you are growing it. And most importantly, when you are having a haircut, don’t forget to trim your beard too!

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