Disinfecting clothes to prevent COVID-19, tips to be followed

How To Sanitize Your Clothes? Tips To Prevent Yourself From COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) continues to highlight the importance of social distancing, washing your hands & disinfecting your clothes.

Cleaning and disinfecting are different processes. Cleaning involves removing dirt and germs from surfaces whereas disinfecting requires the use of chemicals to kill germs.

How to disinfect clothes?
1. Soak clothes in the solution that contains disinfectant before washing them.
2. Use the warmest water available. The WHO recommends water temperature between 60° – 90° C.
3. Dry clothing completely.
4. Disinfect laundry basket.
5. Wear gloves when doing laundry.
6. Disinfect the surfaces of the washer and dryer.
7. Steam clean your clothes.

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If any material is not suitable for high temperature, use chemical disinfectant instead. Make washing clothes in warm water a habit.

Tips to prevent yourself from COVID-19:-
1. Practice Social Distancing.
2. Wash your hands frequently.
3. Use alcohol-based sanitizers.
4. Always use mask when going out.
5. Avoid going outdoor unnecessarily.
6. Disinfect all the items.
7. Do not touch your mouth, eyes and nose.
8. Drink warm water frequently.
9. Avoid fast food.
10. Consume plenty of fruits and citrus fruits.

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