Read to know what to do immediately after the lockdown

7 Things to Do Immediately Post Lockdown

2020 has been a roller coaster, it is yet to be discovered when and how we would get back our normal lives again. But it is sure that from now on that, it is to be uttered that we are in post-COVID and pre-COVID is non-existent. Life has never been so dilemmatic ever before this. But the muse and hope to go back to our normal lives, is what keeping us alive until now. And we have been planning since after the boredom stroke us; “What to do after lockdown ends” with a brand-new bucket list, we have now a different definition altogether of everything.

We at IWMBuzz have lined up 7 things that we should do after the Lockdown

1. The Gym, all that extra pounds will lead to obesity! So, that’s the first thing to accomplish after the lockdown ends

2. A very needed holiday! We so badly need a holiday. Like after months, staying at home, it is so crucial for us to go on a holiday.

3. A good haircut. Very essential for us!

4. Socialising more with our own people, even if just for a coffee, we need it so badly!

5. Taking your furry babies to the vet, for the extra grooming!

6. To visit our favourite restaurant, and have our favourite dishes.

7. Lastly, visiting your own squad!

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