Check out: Avoid These 5 Mask Mistakes And Be Safe From COVID-19

Avoid These 5 Mask Mistakes And Be Safe From COVID-19

As the threat of the novel coronavirus is increasing day by day we need to protect ourselves from getting infected. It has made us all stay inside the house and follow the social distancing protocols and practicing all hygiene measures.

The past few months were the most difficult as everyone was just locked up inside their house as there was lockdown all around the world. The times were too hard and now gradually the opening of markets, school, economic activities, restaurants have brought higher chances of running into an infected person. This is an important reason by it is important to don your face mask as you step out of your home.

The risk of getting infected is not completely gone as some people wear their masks in the wrong way. We can see a lot of people dangling their face cover on their one ear, or they just tuck in below their chin.

There are some mistakes that you need to avoid, as they would increase the risk of getting infected. Here are some common mistakes-
1. Your mask doesn’t cover your mouth and nose properly.
2. You wear your mask upside down.
3. You wear the face mask inside out.
4. You frequently keep on touching your mask or readjusting it.
5. You reuse a wet or dirty mask again.

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