Yogasanas for stress relief during COVID 19

Beat COVID-19 Stress With Yoga

As COVID-19 has terrified the whole country, people are getting concerned about their health.

Yoga has been used for centuries in keeping the body functioning fit & fine. Thanks to the power of Yoga & Meditation, healthcare workers all over the world are able to beat stress and anxiety amid the pandemic.

“As the number of infected patients increased at the hospital, our medical staff was fully engaged. I knew this would induce stress & anxiety. Working in PPE for was not an easy task”, said Lokesh Hegde, A yoga specialist.

Dr. Nadia Najjari, a reproductive medicine consultant, said that practicing yoga offers relief and helps staff stay calm & motivated.


  1. Matsyasana- An immunity strengthening pose, fish pose or matsyasana is an elevated pose which detoxifies you and boost energy levels
  2. Dhanurasana- The asana helps reducing the fat from the abdominal area. This asana also helps to overcome ailments related to the chest and the stomach.
  3. Shavasana- It gives total rest to the body and the mind. Shavasana reduces fatigue and makes you feel energized. It checks the blood pressure and improves the heart’s functioning.

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