Bipolar Disorder? Know More About Signs And Symptoms And Home Remedies

What Is Bipolar Disorder? Know More About Signs And Symptoms And Home Remedies

Bipolar Disorder also is known as Maniac Depression is a mental condition where the patient will experience sudden mood swings which can range from feeling low and depressed to a maniac high. The exact cause being unknown, it is suspected to be caused by the influence of the surrounding environment or a genetically influenced difference in the structure of the brain.

Signs and symptoms: There will be episodes of these mood swings wherein the patient can feel drained of energy, tired, low on motivation, disinterest in things and people, these are the depressive episodes whereas in Maniac Episodes the person will be high on energy and may require less amount of sleep and extremely motivated. The depressive state may cause the patient to have suicidal thoughts. This is a brief listing of the symptoms, apart from this or including these there will be other maniacal or depressive states the patient might experience.

There are no such specific remedies for Bipolar disorder which can be attempted by self at home. It is highly suggested to seek therapeutic and psychological help. It may last for a few years or lifelong. Patients will be prescribed medicine on the basis of their needs which can include anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, or SSRIs. Therapy sessions will be suggested. In extreme cases, hospitalization may be suggested wherein the patient will be closely monitored and then prescribed the proper medication.

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