Here are some super exciting ways to burn calories by Bollywood dance

How To Burn Calories During Lock down? Take Tips From Bollywood Inspired Dance Workouts

In dance workouts, calorie loss depends on the weight of the individual and the intensity of workout. The proper intensity, music, dance steps and an appropriate diet can help you burn up to 400 calories just by one hour of dance. While a 30 – minutes dance can burn around 130 to 250 calories, the same as jogging.

Bollywood dance moves are a great cardio workout for your entire body.

6 super exciting ways to lose weight by burning calories through dance:-

1. Belly dance:- Belly dance is a sensual dance. This form of dance targets the hip and the abs, which are problem areas for many of the women.
Calorie count:- 250 to 300 calories in one hour of belly dance.

2. Salsa:- Salsa represents a mix of Latin musical genres.
Calorie count:- 300 – 500 calories by just one hour session.

3. Bollywood dance:- Dance form used in Indian film.
Calorie count:- 300 – 700 calories in 1 hour.

4. Hip – Hop:- Hip – Hop dance refers to street styles.
Calorie count:- 370 – 610 calories in 1 hour session.

5. Break-dance:- Athletic styles of street dance from United States.
Calorie count:- 400 – 600 calories with this in an hour.

6. Zumba dance:- Zumba dance is inspired by Latin & aerobic dance styles. This form of dance is effective as it burns most of the calorie count.
Calorie count:- 500 – 800 calories per hour.

Above are some dance styles that help you burn your calories in a super exciting way.

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