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Know Here: Is Cottage Cheese Good For Heart Patients?

Is Cottage Cheese Good For Heart Patients?

Many of us love to eat cheese. Cheese is a perfect topping for pizza and burgers. And indeed pizza won’t be the same without cheese. But is Cheese really healthy? It depends on your body, how your body can digest it!

Cheese is something made up from milk, so it is obvious to be healthy, but not for the ones whose body has already excess fats. But for skinny people, eating cheese can be helpful to gain weights. Cheese is good for heart patients, but you need to take recommendations from a cardiologist about the right amount of consumption of cheese.

Cottage cheese has a number of health benefits like it strengthens our bones and teeth, rich in proteins, and maintains blood sugar level. Cottage cheese consists of potassium that helps in fluid balance of the body. Potassium not only regulates the fluid but also negates the effects of too much salt. But, you need to make sure that the cottage cheese doesn’t contain much salt. The excess sodium in cottage cheese can be fatal for your heart too. Consulting at least once to your doctor is much necessary.

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