Read to know about 5 preventives you should take before visiting any grocery shop during Covid-19 

Covid 19: 5 Safety Precautions You Should Take Before Visiting Grocery Shop

We are in the existing in the time of extinction. It’s a year that we never confronted before. The global pandemic has extravagantly tilted our lives from north to south. The changes are quite drastic, but it is crucial to follow these changes, else, we might get to see or face, that we might not want to. So, it is, and it will be, “Prevention is always better than cure”

We at IWMBuzz, have come up with 5 safety precautions for you guys to follow before visiting a Grocery shop

1. Do not forget your mask. But make sure it is a proper mask. Be ready to spend some extra $$$ this time for the sake of your own health.

2. Wear latex gloves to the grocery store. But make sure you don’t carelessly touch your face or other personal things with the gloves on, else it will be of no use.

3. Do not forget your sanitisers. They are your safety gun now! Lol

4. Carry some disinfectant wipes for your cell phone. And use your phone to pay, avoid cash.

5. Do not carry a reusable bag to the grocery store!

Well, that’s a wrap! Happy quarantine! Stay safe.

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