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Tips on how to get back to work post-COVID crisis

Covid-19: Post Lockdown Tips Before Going To Office

Getting back to routine after everything turns back to normal is remotely impossible. But looking at the present situation is just a dream to wish for things to get back as they used to be. Because indeed, the world would never be the same again. There will be some changes that will occur, and the most significant change we all would notice is people maintain social distance.

Read here if you are called by your workplace to join as soon as possible. Surely there would have been several measures that your workplace might have taken into consideration before calling you. Workplaces are evolving, and they adapt to new social norms, i.e., maintenance of safe distance to keep one another safe.

Hence, a few tips to keep in mind are:

Always carry water from home. Many of us have a habit of buying water or using the office filter, but this is the most compulsory thing that has to be changed.

Always carry tiffin cooked from home. Many opt to have dabbawala deliver your lunch or just munch on something from the canteen. But if you want to feel safe, better carry a tiffin cooked at home.

Most importantly, always wear your mask and gloves as you will be outside your home. You are prone to touching many infected areas. So carry masks and gloves, and to take extra precautions, don’t forget sanitizers.

Last but not least, it is you who can help yourself and keep oneself safe. Hence, keep and maintain a safe distance from your colleagues. Doing this, you will not just be helping them but yourself as well.

Remember to follow these guidelines as it is always better to take precautions than cure.

Covid-19: Post Lockdown Tips Before Going To Office 1

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