Know how warm water reduces the risk of Corona-virus

Does drinking hot water reduce the risk of Corona-virus? Let’s find out

As you know people are practicing self-isolation and social distancing to downshift the spread of the virus, which is flattening around the world.

People have been advised to wash their hands, distancing themselves from others and self-isolation.

Also, hot water with garlic can help you to prevent cold, cough and flu and not the Corona-virus. This hot beverage cannot kill the COVID-19 virus. This enters from mouth, eyes and nose. Once infected, you cannot stop it from reaching your lungs.

Ron Eccles the former director of the common cold Center in UK Cardiff University says, “There is no evidence that hot drinks will protect against viral infections”.

The best way to keep yourself protected from the virus is to stay away from crowd and don’t let respiratory droplets reach you, keep washing your hands and keep sanitizing them every 20-30 seconds regularly. Use the sanitizer which contains 60% of alcohol. Also, clean the areas with sanitizers or Dettol.

Take good care of your immunity system. Buy having fruits and vegetables which contain nutrition’s. Handle your stress level.

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