Here are a few steps you need to follow if your family member is infected or suspected with COVID-19…

Is Your Family Member Infected Or Suspected With Covid-19? Follow These Steps

The novel Coronavirus has wreaked havoc all around the world. Millions are affected and lakhs have succumbed to this deadly virus. Well, when the virus affects a family member, even if the rest of the family is physically fit, mental health gets affected. Here are a few steps to follow if your family member is infected or suspected with Covid-19.

Motivate the infected or suspected person as much as you can by maintaining a safe distance. Keep the environment around the patient happy.

Keep the patient hydrated with water and juices.

Keep them comfortable and entertained, while keeping your distance. Let them watch comedy shows, read books and magazines. Also, let them know recovery stories of patients who suffered from the same virus to stay hopeful.

It may seem silly to do a video chat or voice call with someone in the next room, but it can give the sick person human contact with you, family, pets and friends, without spreading the virus.

Provide them with immunity-boosting foods, so that they can fight the virus if they are infected.

Keep a track of their symptoms by maintaining distance and bring it to doctors’ notice if symptoms get severe.

Stay home yourself and follow all the safety measures as precautions to avoid getting infected.

Seek moral support from friends as these times can be very challenging and could lead to a breakdown.

Maintaining a positive attitude yourself and convincing the patient to be positive is the key to emerge victorious.

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