Here are some tips for weight loss at home

Follow These Tips To Avoid Weight Gain In This Lockdown

The lockdown has brought out the hidden chefs in all of us. Weight gain is one of the most common problems and complaints by the people as sitting at home has lead to binge-eating. There is no much physical activity by people, these are some of the reasons for weight gain.

Here are some tips to stop weight gain:-

  1. Make a proper and balanced diet chart- Plan a proper diet including morning breakfast and evening snack. Eat vegetables and less oily food. Drink vegetable juices instead of cold drinks.
  2. Drink lots of liquid- Drink at least 2.5 ltr of water daily. Try to drink warm water as this helps burn belly fats.
  3. Don’t eat in the bedroom- Leave your bedroom and eat-in dining room, as you wouldn’t take your hands off the food.
  4. Follow a strict schedule- Wake up early in the morning and do your household chores, eat your food on time.
  5. Practice exercise and Yoga- Do yogasanas and exercise regularly early in the morning.
  6. Practice slow eating- Eating in a hurry can lead to obesity.
  7. Cut down processed food- Processed foods contains lots of oil and preservatives as these can make you gain weight.

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