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Make a mask at home easily

How To Make A Mask To Stay Away From Coronavirus

Don’t have a mask? Here’s easy way to make mask at home.

During these Coronavirus days, wearing mask is must. You can make a mask with t-shirt, bandana style and cloth on a sewing machine.

Tips to sew yourselves a mask:-
Material:- Cloth, needle, thread, scissor, elastic, kitchen towel.

Procedure:- 1. Cut two cloths in rectangular shape or as per your measurement.
2. Place the pieces of cloth on each other.
3. Fold over the top of the cloth and stitch.
4. Fold the bottom and stitch and this will create a filter pocket.
5. Fold the shorter sides and stitch. Leave a gap to thread elastic.
6. Put a piece of elastic through the elastic and tie. Repeat on the other side.
7. Put kitchen paper as a filter.
8. Adjust so the mask fits your face. Then, stitch the elastic in place.

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