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Know about Coronil by Patanjali

All you need to know about Baba Ramdev Patanjali’s Coronil kit for COVID-19

The Patanjali Ayurved runned by Baba Ramdev launched Coronil and Swasari, an Ayurvedic Medicine, that help treat the novel Coronavirus patients.

Baba Ramdev said that while the whole world is waiting for a vaccine or cure for Coronavirus, they are proud to announce the first Ayurvedic, clinically controlled trial-based evidence medicine that has been prepared by the efforts of Patanjali Research Centre and NIMS.

The Coronil Kit consists of 3 medicines including 2 tablets and 1 liquid.

As the Corona virus affects the respiratory tract of the body due to which the patient is unable to breathe and that can result into death, the Coronil kits work on it.

Baba Ramdev also stated that Coronil is a drug prepared by 100 Medicinal ingredients.

According to Ramdev Baba, those administered the medicine were fully cured and none of them died.

The company also stated that the data of the trial will be released as evidence in the next few days.

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