Check out Tips on How To Protect Cancer Patients From Covid-19?

How To Protect Cancer Patients From Covid-19?

The coronavirus pandemic is not going to end this soon. However, the risk is just increasing day by day. Especially children, aged ones, and the people suffering from any illness are at a higher risk. The coronavirus has just swept through the world and has impacted almost every aspect of our lives.

Cancer patients are having a risk of getting infected than a normal person. They could even die from getting infected once. If your loved ones are being diagnosed with cancer, here are some tips that will help you to prevent the risk of coronavirus-

1. Practising hand hygiene Frequently, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 minutes.
Wash your hand after touching your eyes, mouth, or nose.
Wash your hands before eating.
Always carry a sanitizer with you.

2. Practice Social Distancing- Don’t go out unnecessarily.
When moving out of your house for treatment keep a safe distance from others.
Even at home stay away from your close ones as they can be moving out due to work.

3. Stock up Supplies- Stock up your medicines at once.
Ensure enough stock of tissues, sanitizers, masks, handwash.
Stock up groceries and other essentials for about a week.

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