Know-How To Stop Panic Attacks At Night?

How To Stop Panic Attacks At Night?

Getting good and enough sleep is essential for the human body to stay fit and healthy. Good sleep can let go of the stress of the whole busy day and your worries for a period of time. Sleep us just a mode of rest and relaxation. But this is not the case with every individual. Many suffer from panic attacks at night.

Here are some tips that will help you stop panic attacks at night:-
1. Don’t fight it- Don’t fight the panic attack as this would only worsen it. Accept it and let it wash over your feelings. Remember this is just a temporary attack.
2. Try and relax- Get your body back to a relaxed state. Forget all your worries and stress, this will help you more in getting your condition to normal.
3. Get up and do something- It would be difficult to go back to sleep after a panic attack. Get out of your bed and get into some physical activities like a small walk-in the room, yoga stretches. You can even practice your hobbies like reading, drawing, painting.
4. Give yourself enough time to get the sleep you need- An average adult, needs at least 8-9 hours of sleep daily to make them feel rest. Go to bed at least 8 hours before you want to get up.
5. Establish a consistent sleep routine- Set a sleep routine and try to follow it daily. Try to sleep at the same time every day and even wake up early and get yourself a proper sleep.
6. Limit caffeine, sugar, and alcohol before bed- Avoid consuming caffeine, sugar, and alcohol before going to bed. These substances can make you feel anxious.

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