Habits to be avoided to keep your sexual life healthy

7 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Sexual Life

There are various habits that can kill your sex life. Like alcohol, social media, long working hours, can make sex life a second priority. We usually ignore our personal lives because of our lifestyle. Maybe you are doing the same by killing your sex drive and you’re not even aware about it. To help you out we have listed some bad habits that can affect your sexual life.

1) Lack of sleep:
Nowadays people are living in a speedy life and work. They don’t even have time for themselves. If you don’t get proper healthy sleep it will produce cortisol that is known as stress hormone and that lowers your sex drive. Particularly in women if there are sleeps issues they don’t feel like having sex.

2) Spending too much time with your electronics  all the time:
“Splitting your attention often leaves the other person feeling neglected and less valued”.

Sometimes work can’t wait but being constantly on your phone might create a problem. While having a conversation with your partner if you’re constantly checking out your phone your partner might feel that they are not your priority. Hence keep your distractions aside when you’re together and having a conversation.

3) Lack of quality time together:
Couples spent a lot of time together especially when they live together but you get to see them less because of their work and busy schedule. It can create frustration and loneliness. In this case plan a specific date and time to arrange something for your partner to spend some time together .

4) Depression:
If you’re going through mental suffering then the feeling of being sad don’t go away, you often start feeling low and also start losing your interest or satisfaction in doing things you used to do, you even lose your intimacy.

5) Avoiding fighting:
Arguments are also a healthy part of a relationship. However, when a problem comes up speak up at the right time. To ignore the fight can also create issues in sex life.

6) Holding on to a grudge forever:
“People make mistakes, and holding on to grudges may not only hurt a relationship- it could also cause unwanted stress and anxiety”, says Laura Schwecherl.

7) Lack of exercise:
Exercise keeps your blood pumping in order. If you have stopped going to gym then In that case there are chances that your blood circulation is not at its best. Lack of exercise can remarkably affect your sexual life, by having hormonal imbalancing of testosterone and estrogen.

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