The lockdown can be pretty challenging and may affect relationships…

Is Covid – 19 Lockdown Affecting Your Relationship?

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped our personal relationships in unprecedented ways, forcing us to live closer together with some people and further apart from others. Life in lockdown has necessitated close, constant contact with our families and partners, but social distancing measures have isolated us from our friends and wider communities. The lockdown has helped to mend some relationships as there was ample time to rectify things, however, in some cases, it has affected the relationships between spouses, parents and children etc.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, anxiety, depression has gone up and has affected the relationships in most cases. Fear of losing jobs, social distancing, restrained in the house for long, feeling out of control, fear of the future has gripped almost everybody and is affecting the bonding between families. So to overcome all this and to not let the lockdown affect relationships, you could do a few things.

During the lockdown since couples or parents and children are constantly together, it leads to conflicts. Relationships thrive when there’s a healthy balance between time spent together and time spent apart.

Is Covid - 19 Lockdown Affecting Your Relationship? 2

Is Covid - 19 Lockdown Affecting Your Relationship? 3

Apart from that, scheduling exercise times, devoting specific hours to work, sharing chores have a grounding effect and helps in bonding better.

Is Covid - 19 Lockdown Affecting Your Relationship? 1

During these times going out with friends and partying isn’t an option, but having virtual dinners and having fun with friends once in a while can help tremendously to repair relations inside as well as outside the house.

Is Covid - 19 Lockdown Affecting Your Relationship? 4

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